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How We Recruit

We do Background verification of all our Guards before recruitment

Companies are entrusted with the responsibility of hiring Guards which grows more complicated each day in today's lawsuit oriented society. Making the wrong decision could cost your company untold amounts of money. Comprehensive Background Investigations and Pre-Employment Screening have long been used to accurately gauge work history along with employment qualifications and permanency intent. An unbiased information source can help you reduce the risks. Companies must be sure that the potential employees are qualified, trust worthy and not a threat to the company or existing employees. Background investigations before the date of hire are a helpful tool in reaching these goals.

We give trainings to our Guards from reputed Training institute in India

In today’s world, asset and personal protection is no longer about having a security force: it’s about having a well trained security force; it’s about identifying safety and security concerns. In our guard training program, we will teach your security force to think and act strategically by focusing on the latest ideas and practices in site protection. We have the unique ability to train a company at all levels from executives to front line personnel. Our instructors are from policing, military and corporate security backgrounds with global teaching experience. We will attend your location and work with your company to ensure your security plan is finely tuned and to tailor our program to your needs.

We have Eminent set of recruiters to employ professional security Guards

First Alert Security Services is the industry’s premier provider of highly trained security personnel to many industries including commercial real estate, higher education, healthcare, residential communities, chemical/petrochemical, government, manufacturing and distribution, financial institutions, and shopping centers.

Our Guards are excellent professionals

Guarding Professionals encourages and maintains a professional, enjoyable working environment to ensure that all our staff are well motivated. Our team spirit extends well beyond the working environment - and this is demonstrated by the many quality friendships that have been established through the people that work for us. With Guarding Professionals you are sure of an interesting, satisfying and rewarding career.